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Healthy Eating at Tall Trees Day Nursery

Our staff are working together to ensure that we promote healthy eating. The benefits of healthy children are enormous; a nutritious diet provides your child with good eating habits for life, healthy skin, a healthy weight and improved behaviour.

We provide nutritionally balanced, home-cooked meals, designed to meet the needs of each age range. We ensure that all of the children receive the recommended daily allowance of fruit and vegetables.

We aim to stay away from refined and processed foods. Whole foods provide the children  with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for a healthy, nutritious diet. We cater for all allergies, intolerance's, preferences, cultural and dietary requirements. 


Example Menu:

Breakfast - Weetabix and Seasonal Berries

Morning Snack - Carrots, Peppers, Cucumbers and Tzatziki Dip

Lunch - Sirloin Steak with New Potatoes, Asparagus and Broccoli, with Granola Yoghurt

Tea - Two Cheese Fritatta with Fresh Fruit Salad

Our Mission: About
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