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Fees and Funding

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Opening Hours - Monday to Friday from 07:30 am to 18:30 pm

Fees and Funding: Event

Our Fees

All fees include nappies, wipes, bottles, formula, milk, meals, snacks, extra curricular activities and trips. Please contact the nursery for any fee enquires.

Extra Sessions

Early Session from 7:30 am to 08:00 am (additional cost of £5.00)

Late Session from 18:00 pm to 18:30 pm (additional cost of £5.00)

There is a charge of £1.00 per minute if not registered for the Early/Late Session.


Free Childcare for 2, 3 and 4 Year Old's

All 3 to 4 year old's are able to receive 570 hours of free Early Years Education or Childcare per year. It is usually taken as 15 hours per week.  We accept childcare vouchers and government grants.  We also accept FEET Funding for 2 year olds who are eligible.

When can you start claiming?

The date you can start claiming depends on your child's birthday.


Child's Birthday                                                      When you can claim

1st January to 31st March                                   The beginning of term or after 1st April

1st April to 31st August                                        The beginning of term or the 1st September

1st September to 31st December                      The beginning of term or the 1st of January


If your child was born on the 15th February 2015, you can receive free childcare when the next term starts or after the 1st April.


Eligibility stops at the end of term before your child is due to start reception class.  If you have any queries about free entitlement please contact the Nursery Manager for more information.  Whether you are eligible for funding depends on your household income.  Parents must earn or expect to earn the equivalent 16 hours at National Minimum or Living Wage over the coming three months.  This equates to £120 a week for each parent over 25 years old or £112.80 a week for each parent between 21 and 25 years old and £56 a week for apprentices in their first year.  Where a parent is in a 'start-up- period (i.e. they are newly self-employed) they do not need to demonstrate that they meet the income criteria for 12 months. You can't get 30 hours free childcare if you, or your partner, expect to earn £100,000.00 or more.

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