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Our uniform consists of a red polo shirt and red jumper. All children in Preschool and Lemon Room are required to wear this uniform, enabling them to have a sense of belonging, minimising inequalities and promoting school readiness. There are also optional items available for purchase.The uniform will need to be purchased from Swots Uniform in Reigate, or online.

Children tend to have more toileting accidents when wearing dungarees, onesies or trousers with belts. We work closely with parents to support toilet training, but accidents do occur and these are dealt with quietly and sympathetically. Children with peirced ears should only wear studs. Staff cannot accept any responsibility for jewellery worn in the nursery.


All clothing should be named, especially jumpers. We ask that you provide a full change of clothes for your child, a pair of wellington boots and a sun hat, to be kept at nursery in a  bag hanging on your child's peg. The bags are to be left on their pegs at all times.

To ensure your child stays safe when using the outdoor area, we ask you to ensure that your child always wears sensible shoes or trainers and not slip on sandals or high heels. Shoes with Velcro are much easier for your child to be able to manage independently, as opposed to shoes with laces or buckles. However, we do have a no shoes policy in the classrooms due to cleanliness, therefore we do recommend bringing comfortable indoor shoes.

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