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35 Kathavar Pass Movie (2022)




The film tells the story of a marriage, the problem of a bride who is with child. The movie is a female centric movie, but it has also been accepted by the male audience. KATHATVAR PASS HAS A COOL SURPRISE In the movie, Mohan and Anu starts their relationship before marriage. But then due to the auspiciation of a good looking girl they got engaged and married. But then due to some arrangement problems the marriage was delayed. After some time Mohan and Anu gets married but a year after the marriage both of them realise that they are not happy with their marriage. Due to the different thoughts and different culture Mohan decides to leave Anu. But Anu does not agree to this decision and leaves her house. To get back Mohan’s wife Anu goes to court. But during this time, Mohan realises his mistake and gets back his wife. In the end Mohan and Anu both goes to get their house. Apart from Mohan and Anu the other characters like Kedarnath Bhosale, Vilas Manrao, Ravindra Parekar, and Makrand Desai. The movie is a tale of a man’s life and how a wife is there in his life and how he takes care of her. The movie has also acted by Prathamesh Parab and Shraddha Soman. KATHATVAR PASS WILL BE RELEASED ON 20 MAY, 2017 This is a Marathi film, and on 20 May, 2017 movie will be released. It is not a known fact that in which film Mohan will play the main role. But it is quite possible that Mohan will play the role of a husband. Mohan has also played a guest role in a Marathi film “Hate Bera Pachad”. The film is a story of a family. The movie will be a hero centric story. The story revolves around the family, and how a couple has to get their house. Lets see how the movie goes. SIDE STORY: Today, on 22nd March, 2017, the film director Satish Motling will launch the official trailer of the movie. The director shared a post in which he said that he is very excited about the trailer and the story of the movie. Then the director of the movie also shared a



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35 Kathavar Pass Movie (2022)

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